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Popular Sex Games: Heaven on Earth

While there are a number of spots out there for porn online – I think we can all agree this is a fact – sadly, it's slim pickings when it comes to adult gaming. That's why Popular Sex Games is here: we work with the best production studios around so that you're only getting the critically acclaimed releases that you'll fall in love with, no questions asked. What we're looking to do with our database is provide you with the finest goodies around and yes – you will enjoy every last second of what has been delivered once you get inside. Instead of producing our own releases, we license the best of the best from other developers so that you can have a nice range of productions and better yet, a central location to play them all in. I think it goes without saying that this is the future of adult gaming and yeah – you've never seen anything like this before! Our intention is to hook you up with the premium smut you desire and for you to never look back on standard videos again as your source of entertainment. Popular Sex Games is all about that: providing the finest XXX experiences with an interactive focus that you're not going to be able to put down.

A central spot for it all

Instead of producing our own games, we think it's better to go ahead and get access to a range of releases from dozens of destinations and basically be a curator of what's good. Think of us as being like Steam, only the biggest advantage that we have is the simple fact that everything is completely free of charge and yeah – that's pretty cool if you ask us! What this also means is that you're going to get a hell of a lot of content: the numbers here are to die for! We're currently sitting on over 70 games from around 25 different studios – again, we only pick and work with the best, and if a title doesn't live up to the hype, we drop it as quickly as possible. Our belief is that if you haven't got a viable product, we're simply not interested. So please – be sure to look around the full delights of Popular Sex Games and try out as many games as possible. We've done our best to cover all bases and will push new patches when they're available within 48 hours. This means that you're pretty much always getting the latest versions and that's good for the gamers out there that don't want outdated porn games!

A fantastic browser experience

For your convenience, one of the steps that Popular Sex Games takes for the security of our platform and for the benefit of our gamers is to provide all of the games we have to you via the browser. This essentially means that so long as you're reading this right now in Chrome, Firefox or Safari, you're going to be good to go with the games we provide! There is a launcher version available for Windows if you really want local asset storage, but this will never be the dominant distribution system and we do want most of our gamers to use their browsers for the games we offer. There are a number of benefits to this approach, with the most obvious being that we can dynamically load assets when you need them, so you can load up any game we're offering to you and play it pretty much immediately. You also don't risk viruses being installed on your machine, nor the problem of someone else snooping through your files and seeing what you've been looking at. We think that Popular Sex Games also has an edge with the browser approach because it means that you'll have the ability to play our games on Mac and Linux systems, as well as modern mobile devices and tablets if that's more your thing. Looking out for all gamers out there just makes the most sense, right? We also save all of your files to the cloud, so you can switch between devices using the same login information without any issues or pains. Pretty sweet!

Try Popular Sex Games now

If you're keen to try out all of this stuff and more, please sign up for a free account on Popular Sex Games as quickly as possible. We're so passionate about our craft and want as many people as possible to see for themselves what the future of the adult industry is going to look like. It's an exciting time to be a porn gaming addict and with all of the media offered here, you can pretty much assure yourself that there is no better single destination for adult gaming around. So, do the right thing and come see what we've got to offer here – your cock will thank you later!

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